About us

Oven Bliss

It all began in 2016 with three friends from different professions who shared a sweet dream of baking. 3 years later, we bake all of our products on-site, filling our 2019s-style stores with the delicious smells of fresh cakes, pastries and more to bring back that delightful, warm feeling of the great cake shop.

Oven Bliss
The art of Cake

Many celebrations are coming and with that, they likewise bring our craving of having sweet attractive stuff particularly cakes. Be it a birthday party, an anniversary or a regular party. there's one thing generally normal a cake. We all love enjoying cakes on such events, isn't that so?

Some of the time we are busy with such a large number of different things on such days. Is it safe to say that it isn't? What do we really need on that unique day? An excellent cake which is readymade and can be delivered to the venue. Won't you agree? All things considered, for everybody who simply cherishes cakes, we have something fascinating for you. Oven Bliss is having wide range of cake for every occasions.